Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience!

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It’s been already a year since I started dreaming about visiting Asia’s one of the smallest countries – Singapore.

Everything began with a blog.

The very first Singaporean blogger I discovered was a 17-year-old girl and blogged about her everyday life, the food she ate, the places she visited, the people she met. This was all very exotic to me.

I read her blog everyday and after some time I discovered other Singaporean bloggers too. The more and more I was falling in love with this beautiful and interesting country.

A few weeks ago I opened Google Earth and searched for Singapore.

I was amazed by the number of sightseeing places, especially so many parks and recreation areas. I realized that Singapore was one big green island, surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world!!!

All Parks are marked with Green Trees

All Parks are marked with Green Trees

I already knew that Singapore had very beautiful Zoological Park but I wasn’t really expecting what I saw!

This is Zoo area of Singapore

This is Singapore's Zoological Park Area - So big!

Singapore Zoo - Click to Enlarge

Singapore Zoo - Click to Enlarge

I found some amazing pictures!



Singapore really has the most beautiful and rich Zoo in the world, it is obvious even from Google Earth!

Elephants - So cute!!!

Elephants - So cute!!!

Not only the animals but the nature is amazingly unique too!


I also discovered Night Safari opportunity which I desperately want to experience!

Night Safari

Night Safari

Isn’t this really magical?

Entrance of Night Safari

Entrance of Night Safari

I also discovered this strangely beautiful place. really wonder what it is…

Strange Place

Strange Place

This is Selestar Tower at Twilight:

Love the clouds!!!

Love the clouds!!!

My desire to visit Singapore has grown dramatically…

And BTW!

Did you know about Forest Adventure?

Forest Adventure is a Tree Top Course comprising ladders, bridges, swings, nets, trapezes and zip lines where participants move unaccompanied, from tree to tree, 5 meters above ground. ~


Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure

And the food? Hello, Singapore, I am coming!

Singaporeans are known for it’s passion and love towards food and eating.

I was really surprised by the amount of food pictures on Singaporean blogs and the number of food blogs too.

Some food I would like to taste:

Fried Carrot Cake




Roti Prata


Hainanese Chicken Rice


I also want to visit Ice Cream Chefs to taste their Ice cream! (This desire came from one episode of Blogger’s Sweets )


I want to make my ice-cream myself if they let me …


If I had a chance to visit Singapore, I would visit all the places which I discovered one by one in Google Earth.

So here is my schedule of  THE day I’ll spend in Singapore some day. I used a lot (and was wondering if my country will ever have such a great website for tourists… *sigh*).

When I go to Singapore, I’ll take all the pictures of these places myself, I promise!

My very heavy Schedule of THE day:

1000 – Breakfast at the hotel

1100 – Sentosa: Things to see ~

Dragon Fauntain


Tiger Sky Tower


Merlion Statue


1200 – Butterfly Park and Insects Kingdom


1400 – Underwater world


1600 – Shopping in Marina Bay

Maria Bay

1800 – Singapore Botanic gardens


1900 – Dinner @ The Tapas Tree


2000 – Shopping at China Town


2100 – Singapore Zoo


2200 – Night Safari


The day would be very interesting, rich and full of impressions.


7000 kms

7000 kms


It’s not about distance, it’s all about L♥VE!

Do you want to travel Singapore too? Visit, decide what you want to see, plan  your unique day and

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience!


    1. არ ვიცი ჯერ :D

      თუ მოეწონათ ეს პოსტი შეიძლება კიდეც წავიდე ^_^

  1. აუუუუუ, ულამაზესი პოსტია!!!
    რაღაც გამაოგნებლად ბუნებაში ჩასმული ქალაქი. ბრილიანტივითაა, რა :)))
    თუ წახვალ, ეცადე, ბუნებას მაქსიმალურად შეერწყა. ნუ რავიცი, წარმატებები ყველანაირად :)))

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