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It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

This is a contest blog-post for the Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards 2009

When I was a little girl, I believed in Santa Claus. He sent me gifts  every Christmas.

So, I’ve been writing a letter to him and asking toys, sweets and stuff.

He never let me down. I always got what I wanted. I loved the potato chips he brought. I ate thousands of kilos.

I also had a tradition to decorate a Christmas tree myself. Each year I had different designs and styles for my tree.

* * *

When my classmates at school told me that there was no Santa, I was devastated.

I couldn’t look at the Christmas trees. and Christmas itself got boring and dull…

Years passed and I got married. My husband loves Christmas and he tried everything to get my Christmas spirit back but all in vain…

* * *

A few years ago, at  Christmas, I was very tired and decided to take a little nap.

After a minute the door-bell rang. It kept ringing so I was to wake up and open the door.

And there stood a man with big mustaches!

He was wearing Santa’s hat, but he was not Santa!

He was Mr. Pringles!!! The man from my favorite potato chips logo!

Mr. Pringles grinned and went straight into my Living room where I had left a little yet-to-be-decorated Christmas tree.

He was carrying the Santa Claus bag, which appeared to be full of Pringles chips.

He quickly started hanging the cans on my tree, put some chips on the table too, grinned again and vanished.

The whole situation looked so funny I couldn’t stop laughing!

I laughed and laughed and suddenly…………… Continue reading