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Me & My Love

I ♥ WP

I ♥ WP

I call it hard to find the RIGHT GUY for every girl and to find the RIGHT PLATFORM for every blogger.

I started  blogging  – on blogger’s free account. It was 4 years ago, 2005.

Back then I was 18 and carefree. I had two aims, meet the perfect guy to love and start the wonderful blog to express myself.

Well… I found the guy. He was blogging in the neighborhood right next to me.

We started by reading each other’s blogs, then continued with dating and then fell in love madly.

After being in love for 2 years we got married. And it definitely is ‘happily ever after’!

What a sweet little love story isn’t it?

But this entry is NOT about THE RIGHT GUY, it’s about THE RIGHT PLATFORM and that story is rather tough. Continue reading