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Feng Shui – Bunch of Daily Tips

  • Put up a large world map on the northeast wall of your study and keep it brightly lit, it instills in you a spirit of discovery and adventure.
  • Display a nice photograph of your whole family in the living room, it provides you a reassurance of togetherness.
  • Place your wedding photos in relationship area of your home, living room and in the relationship area of your bedroom to have a long lasting relationship.
  • Don’t put mirror in the bedroom, the reflection of the mirror creates a sort of intrusion on your peaceful sleep and a stress between the partners.
  • Never keep books under your bed; always place them on shelves. Treat knowledge with respect.
  • Keep three Chinese Prosperity coins tied with red cord in your purse or wallet, the metal enhancement brings you prosperity.
  • Never position your beds in front of the window; the direct flow of chi can disturb your peaceful sleep.