Sexy Movies to Set the Mood

10 of the hottest flicks to make you and your mate…well, hot!

Do you find the “Adults Only” section of the video store a little — well — embarrassing? If you’re looking for some video turn-ons that will appeal to both masculine and feminine persuasions, check out this list of 10 super-steamy (but not necessarily X-rated) videos.

1. Betty Blue
Don’t let the tragic ending of this French film scare you away. This story of a doomed love affair between a schizophrenic and an aspiring writer contains some intense sex. The opening scene itself is sure to blow your mind (and perhaps other organs as well).

2. The Lover
Based on the Marguerite Duras novella, this steamy film features amazing scenes d’amour between the gorgeous Tony Leung Ka Fai and the beautiful Jane March. The film has been described as tasteful soft-core porn, but what’s wrong with that?

3. Mississippi Masala
This erotic and romantic film from director Mira Nair stars an ever-appealing (and ever-bodacious!) Sarita Choudhury and a super-sexy Denzel Washington as two lovers who dare to cross racial boundaries in the Deep South — and engage in some serious action to boot!

4. 5. Lovers: A True Story
In this erotic true-crime saga, we get to see Victoria Abril and Jorge Sanz get down and get funky. Watch for the “scarf” scene — it may inspire you to new sexual heights. (Hot tip: Go for the unrated version.)

6. The Hunger
Feel like whetting your erotic appetite with a classy girl-on-girl scene? If a threesome featuring David Bowie, Susan Sarandon, and Catherine Deneuve sounds intriguing, scurry toward this 1983 vampire cult classic.

7. Live Flesh
Pedro Almodovar is famous for his sexy flicks, but this sensual thriller shows real depth and sensitivity. Featuring two extremely hot leads (Liberto Rabal and Francesca Neri) and some extremely hot sex, Live Flesh will titillate you both and get your engines rarin’ to go!

8. Last Tango in Paris
Super-risque when it came out in 1973, this Marlon Brando classic is full of sex, sex, sex. You’ll never look at butter the same way again.

9. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Plenty of steamy sex and Daniel Day-Lewis in the altogether. Need we say more?

10. The Color of Night
There’s more full frontal sex in this Bruce Willis thriller than action in Die Hard.

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