Me & My Love

I ♥ WP

I ♥ WP

I call it hard to find the RIGHT GUY for every girl and to find the RIGHT PLATFORM for every blogger.

I started  blogging  – on blogger’s free account. It was 4 years ago, 2005.

Back then I was 18 and carefree. I had two aims, meet the perfect guy to love and start the wonderful blog to express myself.

Well… I found the guy. He was blogging in the neighborhood right next to me.

We started by reading each other’s blogs, then continued with dating and then fell in love madly.

After being in love for 2 years we got married. And it definitely is ‘happily ever after’!

What a sweet little love story isn’t it?

But this entry is NOT about THE RIGHT GUY, it’s about THE RIGHT PLATFORM and that story is rather tough. I struggled. I struggled with the code which was driving me nuts.

I never learned anything about HTML/CSS. I knew nothing that the code is poetry as much as G.G. Byron. I was learning it from Blogspot HTML editing page.

I was looking at the code and just guessing what it should be like. I was experimenting a lot.

Once changed something, kept previewing and then change back if I had the ‘Oops!’ situation.

I’ve been using all my talents and logic to edit my designs. I think I believed in daring and I had the courage to touch the code, which many starter bloggers don’t have.

After we got married I had just graduated and it was summer and I stayed home. I had so much free time to dedicate to blogging.

And at the end of August 2008 I thought – this sucks!

  • Such a terrible long and unmemorable URL – the start of WTF? situation.
  • I couldn’t upload and download my files as I wanted & my pictures were piled in stupid Picasa- WTF? v 1.0 (beta)
  • I didn’t know how my platform worked –WTF? v 2.0 (rather stable)
  • I had awful time with changing designs and installing widgets – WTF? v 3.0 (absolutely stable and decided)

So I bought a local domain and deluxe hosting plan at Godaddy (which, I must say, was not absolutely satisfying).

The first what I tried was Drupal. But he was HUGE!

He looked like fat and sweaty guy who has nothing to wear and mostly sits at home topless eating popcorn in front of a fan and TV.

I couldn’t find any good designs and plugins for Drupal. Either I didn’t search enough or they were well-hidden somewhere in the internet and I gave up.

The second was WordPress.

I can’t describe the feeling I had at first sight. I had Butterflies in the Stomach, when I completed the first installation all by myself!!! And it was SO easy!

He was smart and slim and tender and beautiful and flexible and stylish and had the huge closet of outfits and flavors.

So many designs, so many plug-ins, so many support forums, updates and much more!

He was the guy…

Oh… No… Sorry…

the PLATFORM of my dreams!!!

It was love at first sight and it was a lifetime love.

I ♥ WP

I ♥ WP

We never fight, we never argue.

He is intelligent and cosy.

He comforts me all the time.

He keeps telling me good stories about my blog-visitors via comments and stats and I tell him good stories about myself in my posts and pages.

We love each other!

I was born as a blogger just to meet him!

This post is written due to my perfect relationship with WordPress and WPwebhost contest which you can view here.


I won the Public Favorites Category first prize:

Winners of My WordPress Story Contest


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  2. wow good story. i thought i was reading about me :D

    I’m not married but i love HTML and other codes like u do…

  3. ხო მართალია შენ ალბათ PHP, MySql,JavaScript არ გინახავს თორე ეგენი ვაფშე გადაგრევენ, Ajax ხო ლაპარაკი აღარ მაქვს :D

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