“Love as we know it.”

“I’ve been dreaming to fall in love and find the “one” since I was 5.

My struggles with relationships have never been easy or quiet. At times I was bold, and stupid, and slow, and afraid, and mad, and hopeless, and desperate, and excited, and everything in between.

My precious friend @aisat13 made this visualisation for me a few years ago. Despite being so simple, it reminds me what we, as humans know of love, and what exactly I want or don’t want from it.

This picture is idealistic. My ideas about love – aren’t. ♥

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  1. Now stop watching all these stupid movies! Not only you, but everybody, pretty please.
    All those pictures are not about love, but passion, attraction, flirt… real love is about sharing each other’s pain, loss… be by each other’s side when one is ugly, sick, or just has lost a parent… real love is all about giving selflessly (from both sides) and never doubt who gives more or who calls first.
    Who seeks, finds, you know.

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