A Letter to My Imaginary Friends

Dear Wendy, Nadia, Esther, Jayden, Audi and the rest of you, who I will have honor to meet!

I will come to Singapore… Someday!!!

This is the promise that I made today and not only in order to calm myself down.

I will do it! Yes, I will!

It was only 4 days ago when I first heard about AIESEC student exchange program to some Asian countries and the first thought was “OMG, I am gonna go to Singapore to meet them!!!!”.

I acted pathetic and too excited with the idea, wasn’t thinking about the consequences and my job.

So I did my best to pass all the stages.

I filled my application perfectly, I was invited on the interview, I did really good job there too (I even mentioned the exact numbers of how many people live in Singapore and what is the total land-area! lol XD ).

Yesterday I was invited to the announcement of winners.

And I DID WIN!!!

But why bother with a “Hooray”… :(

I can’t come anyway :(

Because of :

1) the program starts too early – on 20th of July and lasts till the first week of September.

If I came, I would lose all the projects I started just recently and I am so hopeful about and expecting much money from them.

2) And it may have been nothing compared to that I can’t collect enough money for the Airline ticket until 20th. It costs some f*cking 850 Euros, which means that you live oh-so far, guys! (Or maybe it’s me, who lives far :D)

What kind of grant is that anyway? Sponsoring everything except the travel fees? WTF?

I was so upset about the idea of wining the exchange program grant and not being able to go.

But for now I am staying home…

Still with the dream of meeting all of you someday!

I will sum-up a great deal of money til then and bring my husband too ^_^

Maybe next summer for sure? ;)

I watch you, I read you, I love you!



  1. რაღაც ორი კრდღლის კიარადა ბევრი კურდღლის მადევარივით მოგდის მარ. უფრო დალაგდი და სინგაპურშიც წახვალ და კიდე უფრო ბევრ კარგ ადგილას :)

    პრიორიტეტეტბი გადაანაწილე :)

    1. ხოდა იმიტომაც არ მივდივარ! :yes:

      მართლა ბევრი კურდღლის მადევარი ვარ და ვერ ვიტან ჩემს ამ თვისებას…

  2. და შენი ფეთი სულ დაუბანელი და ბუზებიაან-სუნიანი რატოოოაა?

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