It is definitely not painful when… you were obsessed with something and asked her/him to join, but she/he refused because she/he called “this” as an obsessive thing and she/he didn’t want to be involved, and after some time she/he started obsessing the same thing and it seems to be pretty much fun to her/him.

And you never know, what was the reason of rejecting your stuff and then returning to it after breaking up with you.

I am making it clear. This is not painful, this is kinda offensive.


Fuck YOU.

P.S. I wanted to say “I wish your obsessions got so big that it makes you lie, cry and die” but that would be too cruel of me, wouldn’t it?



  1. ძალიან გავხარ Bethany Joy Galeotti ს .უსაყვარლესი მსახიობია და მართლა ძალიან გგავს.ნახე მისი სურათები და დარწმუნდები:):):)

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