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Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience!

This is a contest entry for Nuffnang Regional Awards 2009

It’s been already a year since I started dreaming about visiting Asia’s one of the smallest countries – Singapore.

Everything began with a blog.

The very first Singaporean blogger I discovered was a 17-year-old girl and blogged about her everyday life, the food she ate, the places she visited, the people she met. This was all very exotic to me.

I read her blog everyday and after some time I discovered other Singaporean bloggers too. The more and more I was falling in love with this beautiful and interesting country.

A few weeks ago I opened Google Earth and searched for Singapore.

I was amazed by the number of sightseeing places, especially so many parks and recreation areas. I realized that Singapore was one big green island, surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world!!!

All Parks are marked with Green Trees

All Parks are marked with Green Trees

I already knew that Singapore had very beautiful Zoological Park but I wasn’t really expecting what I saw! Continue reading

Music Catch

უმაგრესი თამაშია! ნოტები უნდა შეაგროვო. იასამნისფერი ყველაზე მაგარია, წითელი არ ვარგა. ყვითლები კარგია.

მუსიკა აქვს ფანტასტიური. სანამ მუსიკა დამთავრდება იქამდე გრძელდება თითო ტური.

აუუ ძალიან ლამაზია…